Police Department


Hello from your Police Department and Happy Holiday’s!!!!!

Just some reminders……

Don’t fall for phone or mail scams …there is no such thing as free money!!! Don’t give out personal information. If in doubt about a public or private company call them back on an official number that you find on the official web site, phone book, etc..

Lock all doors to your house, out building and cars. Don’t leave anything of value in view.

Have a trusted friend pick up your door step packages.

Don’t drive drunk!!

Report suspicious activity as it is happening. Don’t wait until later or post it on social media after it happened. Our chances of helping you goes way down.

And as usual look out for your Neighbors.

330-675-2730-Trumbull County dispatch for either a Fowler Officer or Deputy Sheriff.

330-637-7111 is the Fowler Police business line only.

911- Emergency only.


Please see the WKBN article below about an attempted burglary in Brookfield Township. Please remember to keep all you property locked and secure.

Thanks Chief Currington



Residents, we had a burglary on Cadwallader-Sonk July 12th. Below are pictures of the suspects. Please e-mail Chief Currington at mcurrington@fowlertownship.org with any info.

Thanks Chief Currington


A message for your Police Chief.

The Department of Agriculture recently confirmed that several raccoon throughout Trumbull County tested positive for rabies. They are interested in testing any raccoons that you may come across (dead/alive). Please contact Jeff Raine (330-726-0936 ext 305) for further details.

Stay Safe Chief Currington!


Hello from your Police Chief!!!

Unfortunately we had a barn broken into recently on Sodom Hutchings Rd. Fuel and a chainsaw were taken.

Please make sure that you are securing your buildings. Put up lights, install alarms and do what you can do to prevent crime.

Remember to lookout for your neighbors!!!!

Also remember to be safe during the up and coming holidays!!!!



Hellllooooo fellow residents!!! Summer is coming fast (hopefully)!!!!

The law enforcement agencies in Trumbull county are going to start having traffic blitzes starting very soon for prom and going trough summer. We will be targeting aggressive drivers, drunk drivers and seat belt enforcement. Please drive safety.

School is out soon so look out for our children!!!!

I know I sound like a broken record but make sure you lock your door to your house, out buildings and cars.

Please look out for your Neighbors.

Dispatch is 330 675 2730

Fowler Office (we DO NOT dispatch from this number, business calls only 330 637 7111.

911 for emergencies only.

Stay safe! Mike


Trumbull County Sheriff's Office Investigating local break-ins.



Trumbull County Sheriff's Office Investigating two separate stolen car fires.


Please remember to secure your vehicles and keep an eye out for your neighbors.

Please report any suspicious activity to the dispatching center at 330-675-2730.


Hello fellow residents!!!

We hope you are staying warm and safe.

Just to pass on .... a resident got a call from their "grandson" claiming to be in trouble. The resident said that the caller sounded like the grandson but they were calling from a different phone number. The caller claimed that "they" took his phone. When the caller became suspicious and started asking questions the caller hung up.

Please do not fall for this scam. In todays world all of your information including family members are on the internet. The callers in this scam will ask for you to send money to a certain place. If this happens to you call your family at the numbers that you know to make sure your family is well.

Thanks, Chief Mike Currington


Hello residents of Fowler!

Once again there have been a few construction trucks, dump trucks and trailers stolen in the surrounding counties.

Make sure you never leave your keys inside of your vehicles, construction or farming equipment. If you have keyless type starters put in a hidden kill switch.

Prevention is the best way to reduce you from being a victim of a crime.

330-675-2730 ( Trumbull County Dispatch) to get a Fowler Officer or Trumbull County Deputy to your house.

330-637-7111 for Fowler Police Business calls only.

911 for Emergencies only.

Thanks, Chief Mike Currington


Hello and a heads up from your police department!

We have heard that there is a new TIC TOC challenge going around. The challenge is to see how many farm animals a person can let out of their fences. Please keep an eye out on yours and your neighbors property and report any suspicious activity.

For those of you that do not know, TIC TOC is a social media app. that show people doing every day things and posts challenges.

Thanks, Chief Mike Currington


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Police Department!!

Just some more holiday reminders....keep all doors locked to houses, garages and other buildings. Lock car doors and don't keep anything of value in the cars.

Try to get packages off your porches as soon as possible even if you have to enlist the help of family or a trusted Neighbor.

Don't fall for phone scams... don't give out personal information over the phone or computers. If you have not played a sweepstake or lottery there is no way you can win the sweepstakes or lottery. There is no free money.

Get a designated driver when going out and be safe when using the road.

Keep an eye on your friends and neighbors and please don't hesitate to call.

Thanks, Fowler township police


Hello again from your Police chief!

I'm just sending out another friendly reminder about keeping your property safe.

Reminder to lock all vehicles if you keep them outside and do not keep anything of value in the cars. Keep all doors locked to houses and outbuildings.

If you can, put a hidden kill switch on any farming equipment, tractors or other equipment left outside, that would help.

Please report any suspicious activity to the dispatching center at 330-675-2730. Always keep an eye on your neighbors!


Important information from your Fowler Police Chief.

I think there is some confusion about what number to call when requesting an officer.

In Trumbull County we have a dispatching center. It is not connected to the Sheriff’s Office. It is its own entity.

The number to call to get a Fowler officer or deputy Sheriff to your house for a call is 330-675-2730. That number goes to Trumbull County dispatch. If there is no Fowler Officer on duty they will dispatch a Deputy Sheriff.

Fowler Police has an office phone number for BUSINESS purposes only. That number is 330-637-7111. This is not a dispatching number.

As always, dial 911 for emergencies.

Also, be mindful there are several roads in Fowler Township. Maintenance responsibility is divided between Fowler Township, Trumbull County and The State of Ohio depending on which road it is. Please see the Road Department page for a list of roads and which entity is responsible for service and maintenance.


A friendly reminder from the Police Chief. Please lock your vehicles and do not keep anything of value in your car. Park in your garage if you can. Make sure your garage and other outbuildings are locked and secure. Keep any eye out for your neighbors and report any suspicious activity immediately to County dispatch at 330-675-2730.


The following was posted to the Everything Cortland Facebook page. Stay on the lookout out for a Red Dodge Caravan License Plate # FCL 6343. There was a woman in the passenger seat with dark hair and a man with light hair driving and someone in the back trying to coax a child into the side door from his front yard. The area was on Ridge Road between 88 and 87. The incident happened May 16th around 7:00PM. 911 was called and the Sheriff took a report. Visit Everything Cortland Facebook page for the entire posting. Please be on the lookout for anything suspicious.


Be advised a Fowler resident got a scam phone call. The scammer id himself as a federal agent and asked the the victim for the local police departments phone number to take care of the issue. The resident gave him Fowler Police phone number. The scammer then called the resident back from the departments phone number (3 way call) and id himself as the police chief to continue the scam. The resident did not give out any information or money. The original call came from a phone number in the Carolinas. Be aware! Chief Currington


Residents, please lock your vehicles and do not keep anything of value in your car. Park in your garage if you can. Fowler and other surrounding townships and city's are experiencing increased vehicle break-ins. Please call dispatch at 330-675-2730 to report any suspicious activity and as always keep and eye out for your neighbors. Thanks, Fowler Police Department.


We have received reports about unlocked vehicles being gone through in the northern part of our township. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicles and always lock your doors if parking outside. Lock doors of your house, outbuildings and garages. As always, please keep an eye out for your neighbors.

Our police department is still available to pick up and drop off essential items such as food, medicine, etc to shut-ins, elderly or others in need during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is for at risk people that cannot fully care for themselves. Call our office at 330-637-7111 ONLY. DO NOT call dispatch for this service. Thanks Fowler Police Department!


Just a friendly reminder. Please call County Dispatch at 330 675-2730 if you need an officer or to report an incident. Call Fowler Police at 330 637-7111 for BUSINESS CALLS ONLY. We do NOT dispatch officers from this number. Call 911 for emergency’s. Thank you, Chief Mike Currington


A resident reported a white male about 25 years old, 6', 200 lbs, short brown hair exited a grey Jeep SUV (maybe 2015). The male came to the door and asked for someone who the resident didn't know. Please beware, this may be a way to see if anyone is home. Please keep an eye out for your neighbors and yourself.


The notification of an active shooter in Fowler is FALSE. The incident was not an active shooter and occurred in Bazetta Township.


Residents, please be aware we had a theft of batteries from a tractor. Please take preventive measures so that your property is not easily taken. Call to report any suspicious activity immediately. Keep an eye out for your neighbors.


Please be aware, last night a resident had 2 catalytic converters stolen from cars. This has been an ongoing issue in the entire county. Please keep any eye out for your neighbors and report any suspicious activity immediately to County dispatch at 330-675-2730.


We had a report that someone tried to break into a shed recently. Please make sure to keep your house, cars, garages, barns and sheds locked. Keep valuables out of site. Secure any equipment left outside if possible. MOST OF ALL please keep any eye out for your neighbors and report any suspicious activity immediately to County dispatch at 330-675-2730.

Call Trumbull County Health Department Tip Number @ 330-675-7841 to report violations of the "stay at home order". This is not a manned number. Please leave info about your concern and it will be investigated by the respective jurisdiction.

We are always looking for new members to join our Department.

Chief Mike Currington mcurrington@fowlertownship.org

3364R Youngstown Kingsville Rd

Cortland, OH 44410

Business Phone 330-637-7111

No dispatch calls, phone answered only when someone is in the office!

Fax 234-244-4665

Non-emergency number is 330-675-2730