Fowler Volunteer Fire Department

Station 23

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 21 Fowler, Ohio 44418

Physical Address:  3386 Youngstown Kingsville Rd Cortland, OH 44410

Business Phone (330) 638-6224

Fowler Township is accepting bids for a Power Ambulance Cot and a Power Loading System Complete.

To be considered, you must submit a final bid with any necessary documentation to support your proposed bid as a reasonable and accurate assessment of the project. The bid and the accompanying papers and documents must be mailed, E-mailed, and/or delivered to the Fowler Township Trustee’s P.O. Box 174 Fowler, Ohio 44418 /or and be received by Fowler Township not later than March 3, 2023 at 1600 hours EST. Bids will be opened publicly at the regular trustee’s meeting on March 6, 2023 @7:30PM at the Fowler Community Center and read aloud.

Fowler Township Trustee’s reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to award the sale to other than the lowest bidder for reasons of the lowest and best bid standard per. ORC. And to waive any informality in bidding.

Specification can be requested via email at via phone at (330) 638-6224 or via mail at P.O Box 21 Fowler, Ohio 44418. 

This posting and bid specifications are also on the Fowler Township website at under the Fire Department link at

 Click here for Bid Specifications for the Power Ambulance Cot and a Power Loading System Complete

We are always looking for new members to join our Department.

Email resume to

Chief Fred Yungbluth

Assistant Chief Randy Tatum

2022 Alarms

The Fowler Volunteer Fire department responded to 432 alarms for 2022.  281 of the alarms were Medical Emergencies and 37 were Motor Vehicle Accidents.

2021 Alarms

The Fowler Volunteer Fire department responded to 402 alarms for 2021.  258 of the alarms for EMS Related.

2020 Alarms

The Fowler Volunteer Fire department responded to 424 alarms for 2020.  EMS Related Alarms 75% Fire Related Alarms 10% Other Alarms 15%.

2019 Alarms

The Fowler Volunteer Fire department responded to 427 alarms for 2019. The top 2 Alarm types were Medical Emergencies (278) and Motor Vehicle Accidents (38).



In 1948, the Fowler School (Former Neal Middle School) caught on fire and fortunately the Cortland VFD who offered protection to Fowler at the time was able to save the building although significant damage was done to the roof area of the building.  This incident did spark interest in forming a fire department here in Fowler.

In 1949, a new fire station was built directly across the road from the gas station and a new fire truck was purchased.  Some of the charter members of the department include George McDonald, Robert McDonald, Howard Wood, Harley Griffin, Gordan Beach, Robert Davis, Fern Griffin, Albert Schefeibein, Marc Arnal, Thad Barker, Jack Almburg, Delbert Suverison, Ernest Scott, Don Lewis, Charles Deacon, H.E. Meyer, Russel Jarvis, William Gail Jr, Robert Tupper and Wade Kepner.  There may have been others but these are the names that we came up with.  The department was chartered with 35 volunteer firemen and 6 officers.

The original station met the needs of the community until 1971 when the present fire station was built directly across from the school.  The station cost about $58,000 not including the land and a new class A pumper was purchased for less than $37,000.  The old fire station was turned over to the township road department for a garage building.  The Fowler road department is still quartered in the old fire station building.

While the current station has had new insulated truck bay doors installed and other upgrades such as advanced radio and computer technology along with a exhaust system added, the structure remains as it was built in 1971.

The Fire Chiefs of the Fowler Volunteer Fire Department have been as follows:

Fern Griffin

Gordan Beach

Ralph Rathburn

Robert McDonald

Gordan Beach

Rev. Merlin Shepherd

Thomas Rudge Sr.

Fred Yungbluth Sr.